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Rooms & Suites

Swaddled in the luxuriously plush and warm comforts from the royal style of living, the 32 well appointed rooms at Rawla Narlai are a marvellous extension of Rajasthan’s regalia. Replete with meticulously restored architecture and lavish ambiances, these rooms exude a charming feel of the Royal Rajasthan. Adding to that, the aristocratic tents at Narlai add to the excitement of living in Royal Caravan.

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A discreet yet lavish blend of royal style and comfort, Classic Heritage rooms are adorned with hand block printed lining and vintage furnishing. Royal amenities, effusive interior and refreshing views from windows complement the delight of staying in these splendid rooms.

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Well appointed with Classical decor, antique furnishing and refined ambiances, these rooms are the ideal choice for discerning leisure & indulgent traveller/vacationers. The luxuriant look and feel of this room crowned by the royal enrichments make you stay even more delighting at Rawla Narlai.

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Featuring splendid harmony of old style of regal living and newer luxuries, the Luxury Grand Heritage Rooms are the true epitome of royalty exuding warmth and grandeur of Rajasthan’s rich heritage. The ornate white marble work and lambent filigrees blended with opulent amenities offer an exceptional experience beyond imagination.

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Following the legends of yore, the Jharoka rooms are elegantly gestated with exceptional theme of Rajasthan’s fabled demeanour towards women safety. From the comforts of these well appointed rooms guests can enjoy rejoicing views of our lush gardens and the activities happening down there. Endure a phenomenal style of vacations while staying in these very well appointed Jharoka rooms at Rawla Narlai.

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Exclusive and elusive! The art of enjoying luxuries is tastefully encouraged at the Narlai Suite. The gorgeous bedroom with wide open sitting stretch and a lounge running complete length of the suite furnished with aesthetic richness is lavishly designed to render kingly experience of living at Rawla Narlai. The recherché suite, which is also used by Maharaj when in Narlai, bounteously reflects an impressive style of regal living. Crested with the luxuriant dining affair at scenic balcony, Narlai Suite in itself is the most amazing experience in Narlai.