Experience Narlai

Narlai is abundant in characteristic and has a rustic charm. But the most intriguing thing that it creates is a lifetime memory. Beyond the countryside trips or traditional heritage town experiences, Rawla Narlai puts forth a complete package of indulgent and exciting holiday experience in the tiny hidden town of Narlai.

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It is truly an experience that would linger in the fringes of your mind. Taste the flavor of true Rajasthani royal hospitality at the 16th Century old Baori (Step-well) of Rawla Narlai. The journey that begins when you gather at the courtyard, sip a welcome drink with the resident royal who will regale you with stories & history of the locals while you get adorned with the turbans & scarf and transportation by bullock carts are arranged for you. Guided by a local into the dusk, swaying to the movement of the cart, watching the village slowly going to sleep and the starlit sky unfolding above you, passing the yogi who meditates by the blazing fire, you reach your destination that is lit by hundreds of lamps. Following this experience is the culinary journey that ignites your taste buds with elaborate fare offered over the next couple of hours while being entertained by the local jogi singing the devotional folk songs in his rich melodious voice. This culinary experience ends with the return to the hotel courtyard by our jeeps and a welcome cup of calming herbal tea.

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For those who like to enjoy the serene beauty of nature can opt for the trip to nearby lake, where they can enjoy the flight of different migratory birds that nest around this lake. This short trip on our jeeps takes you to the nearby lake where you can relax and enjoy a cup of hot tea, feel the cool breeze on your face and watch the nature’s beauty.

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For those who enjoy riding or would like to ride, Narlai offers to fulfill this desire. Nearby stable that houses the pure bred Marwari horses that were the mounts of the royalty in the past, are the seats that can be ridden today. The rocky, hilly and plain terrain of Narlai can be ridden on these gentle mounts and explored on horseback. You will enjoy this guided ride through the rugged countryside.

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The rugged countryside of Godwad region can also be explored by taking a guided safari in our jeeps. This ride includes a visit to the nearby village where you can see the different craftsmen working their trade, famous temples whose beautiful architecture should be seen and visit to a traditional working farm. Another interesting stop is the Stud Farm that houses the famous pure bred horses that are typical to this region. This is something that one never gets to see often.

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The Village walk at Narlai is an excursion into the village to look at the traditional way people live there even today. Narlai is a very close-knit community and each individual comes across happy, contented and proud. Agriculture, cattle and its supporting income make them content with a simple life .During the walk you can go inside some of the houses, talk to people, ask questions, have a cup of tea or smoke a bidi with them. The Village walk is ideally done in morning before the villagers depart for grazing or in the evening during their return.

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The rugged Godwad countryside around Narlai suits the leopards and over a period the number has increased. Experience the thrill of customized ride on our jeeps for a sighting of this beautiful and graceful cat. Not easy to spot as they blend very well into the background, these cats can sometimes be seen sunning themselves on the rocks or resting under the shade of a tree. Unlike the lions, leopards do not stay in a pride and are solitary by nature and have large territories that they roam in. But sometimes they can be spotted in pairs. It is a very exciting activity that Rawla Narlai offers.

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“The view from the Narlai hill is spectacular”- This is the comment that is often heard when the guests who stay at Rawla Narlai are choose to climb the Narlai hill. The statue of the white elephant on the summit of the Narlai hill offers a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside and the village below. A guided climb of over 700 steps to the summit of this hill gives a spectacular view of sunrise or sunset, whichever one may choose. Watch the glorious sunrise or sunset while sipping hot tea and you will feel completely charged and invigorated.

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Over 100 steps into the Narlai hill takes you to a temple inside this hill which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that the great Indian Sage Shri Narad meditated here to please Lord Shiva and that’s how the village got its name. Later at some point in time the devotees constructed this temple. Simple yet beautiful this temple is worth a visit. The silence and beauty of this temple will captivate you.

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For those who would like to explore this splendid countryside on foot, Rawla Narlai has a few routes that you can choose from which last not more that few hours. Our guide who is well versed with this area takes you around the rocky terrain where you can enjoy a picnic in the open countryside. Feel the silence around you and return back to the hotel with beautiful scenic photos that you will be bound to click.

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For those who would like to venture out a little more, Rawla Narlai can organize a half day trip on the meter gauge train that still runs through beautiful countryside, especially after the rain as the waterfalls can be experienced. This guided trip can be done in two stages – a couple of hours drive to the station or a journey by the train along with local villagers and then pick up at the end station by car / jeep followed by a drive back to Hotel. It is the best way to enjoy the rugged and beautiful countryside!!!

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Rejuvenate and de-stress yourself at the Narlai Spa- a perfect place to relax away your fatigue and stress. The ancient approach to wellness is just magical for our guests at Narlai Spa! Our skilled masseurs administer some soothing treatments and exhilarating range of services to suit your needs, to satiate your mind body and soul.